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FBI Academy Presentation - Counter Terrorism

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"My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge" (Hosea 4:6)
"And the TRUTH shall make you FREE" (John 8:32)

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(The Bush Dynasty)
To understand where we are in America (God's Kingdom Come to Earth) today and where we're going, you must know how we arrived at the cusp of Global Corporate Fascism. To comprehend the game you should know some of the players. First, and least of all, me. I am James Gordon Gritz, aka Bo Gritz, Jim Garr, Jimmy Wilks, Patrice Clark, Jerome Curtis; my agent code names include: Bear, SwampFox, WildCat, JamesBond, Maurder, ChinaBoy -- among others. I joined Special Forces in the 1950s; served as an enlisted Regular Army demolitions expert. I was commissioned early in 1959 and re-joined Special Forces, serving in A, B, and C Detachments and Special Operations Groups until 1979 when I left uniform to work as a contract agent, asset, and principal operative for multiple U.S. intelligence agencies operating in all five areas of the globe until 1987 when a conflict arose with the George Bush Administration. I was federally prosecuted for transporting explosives, violation of the Neutrality Act, and using false passports. I was saved by Grand Juries, a Petit Jury, and the FBI. Click here for more. . .

My purpose is mainly calling to those "few" constantly working their way up-stream avoiding the human-sea headed for the abyss.

Today, Christian-America is not unlike the Hebrew-nation of Moses'-time. They had been in captivity for so long that they had distanced themselves from God. Click here for more. . .

by Colonel James "Bo" Gritz
NEW BOOK. . .Fresh off the presses. . . 653 pages. . . with 110 photos. . . revealing the hidden truths behind America's most critical crimes - foreign and domestic. This book is proof-positive that with God's grace, even one Amer-"I-Can" is a majority who can successfully stand against the enormity of government, media, and mis-guided public opinion. It is a "How-To" Liberty manual for would-be champions and those oppressed, from the youngest to our most senior citizens.

Read this gripping NEW BOOK by America's foremost author who defends liberty and justice for all! Get this book today!
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bo gritz church of israel
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